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As part of my communications career I have always enjoyed writing. In addition to writing content for businesses I now also write about things that are personal to me: Happiness, Travel, Living with Less, and Avoiding Stress.


I share my traveling life at The Scenic Route. I also love writing guest posts and articles. Contact me if you'd like me to write for you. 

I Can Write
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The Happy Camper: How I Quit My Corporate Job and Sold Everything to Travel Full Time

To really throw myself into writing I self published a book about my real-life experience and emotions of making the purposeful decision to change my life for the better. I talk candidly about how tough making a change can be. I describe how my once loved career became something unrecognizable. And how I changed the way I think, making conscious decisions about what to care about and what to let slide and the way I lived, getting rid of 95% of everything I owned. I reflect on my first year of traveling full-time and answers some of the questions that are most frequently asked about my new lifestyle. 

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